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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I happened to read both of the Infernal Devices books before I read this one. And I loved them! So I decided to read this series (since it is insanely popular) while I wait for Clockwork Princess to be released. And I must say I was disappointed in this book. Why does everyone love it so much?

First, editing. There wasn't any. I know this was Clare's first professionally published work, so I expected it to be a bit rough but it was pretty bad. A lot of spelling errors, repeated dialogue, etc. A lot of which could have been avoided if someone had just run a simple SPELL CHECK. And then there is the issue of dialogue. It was bad and mostly pointless. The first 250 pages or so could have been condensed into a single chapter. The meaningless sarcastic dialog did nothing to get me more attached to the characters or help with the world building.

However, by the second half of the book (literally around the 250 page mark or so) the book finally starts to get interesting. I see the huge parallels with Star Wars that everyone complains about but since Clare put a new spin on it (shadowhunters and vampires and werewolves, Oh My!) it didn't bother me much. And my assumption is that the Luke/Leia thing will get resolved in one of the next books. Also, I haven't read Harry Potter so I can't be offended with any parallels there as others have been. Overall this story was just okay and the plot was predictable.

That all being said, I am willing to read the other books in this series to see how it all plays out. Mainly because Clare's writing obviously gets better (I personally think the Infernal Devices books are much better so far) so I am willing to give it a go. I just hope I don't have to wait until book five *crosses fingers* before I can get through a chapter without rolling my eyes.